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Ish one blessed yotefox:3
It's amazing how things can change. How people can change. Even one so stubborn as myself. I've shunned friendships so many times. Letting my easily wounded feelings keep folks distant. Was to a point of being satisfied with being alone my whole life. Thinking I could do without friends all my life. They weren't needed for my happiness. I've been such a fool. After this past weekend though, I see the more I open up n' let folks in, the brighter a person I become. Like a dim sun void of radiance yet with all the folks I start to befriend, a ray of light n' warmth bursts forth n' I'm more willing myself to share that life n' that warmth with others around me.

Though new light shines forth, the path is still hard to maintain at times. Some aspects of my own life I'm still confused about. There are things I still question bout myself. Will I ever know true love again. Will I ever find the one meant for me or am I meant for a life of singleness. It's ok to question these things though as through these questions, we communicate with God n' that's what he wants us to do. Just as one shouldn't hold back all the hurt n' angst that weighs em down from the folks who care, one shouldn't hold back our concerns n' fears from our Heavenly Father.

I've been so blessed to know the folks I know n' to be where I am right now. Answers will come. God grant me the patience to await them n' the wisdom to know the answers when I see em.

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Amen, brother! Bless to know you, too. :}

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