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In a nerdy mood. Guess it's me missing me old job:P
For those who linked here from my tweet, know I'm not really a know-it-all or even claim to be. Just felt like sharing some food-type facts from my experiences with my old job. Actually what brought this nerdy n' reminescent mood was the wine we had for b-lated b-day feast last night. Ain't too often I have wine n' it got me thinkin of the French paradox.

What the heck is the French paradox ya may ask. Maybe ya don't really care to know but I'll tell ya anyways so:P Now lot of folks look down on the mostly deep fried staples of my Southeastern U.S. food culture. Yet the French diet is considerably more unhealthy for the most part in terms of saturated fat. Yet they have surprisingly low incidences of heart disease. So how's that possible? The answer as ya might have guesses by now is wine.

There's a compound in wine, particularly red wines, that is a powerful antioxidant that can counteract the artery-clogging n' hardening from high fat diets. Even has a kinda cool name I think. It's called resveratrol. My main interest in this compound n' others like it are their anti-cancer properties as well. it's compounds like these I'd like to research more. there's so much healing potential in the everyday foods we eat. In fact, cinnamon is one of the most potent antioxidant-laddened compounds around. Be nice to use a ton of it in one day but, just like most things, too much is poisonous x_x

Anyways thanks for indulging me n' letting me drop some food science knowledge on ya. Been showing so much of either my emo/insecure side or my overly playful side, bout time I showed more of the real me which is this major science geek in the guise of a simple country boy from the South¦3 Hope the next time y'all have a glass of wine or simply partake in yer next meal, you'll think a little more bout the power held in them foods. That is if insatiable hunger isn't too distracting:P

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Cool! Guess I should keep on drinkin' Welch's, then. :D

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