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#Ottertime Explained n' Promoted
For the benefit of all my new followers on Twitter as well as current ones, wanted to detail what my #ottertime hashtag is n' in a way promote it. It's basically my current workout routine in the pool. It amounts to a total of 4 miles in the course of five days of the week culminating in a full mile swim on Saturday. Hoping to be able to continue this once in Athens but with grad school, who knows. Why call it ottertime? Before becoming a big yote nut, I fell for otters. I was 8 I think when I first saw em n' yeah, they were pretty much the first animal I liked to pretend to be^^ I still hold otters in high regard n' still feel I kinda have the soul of one¦3 Now as for the the tag, I'd be satisfied if just me n' two or three others use it on occasion. However if others would like to use it, I'd like to point out ya don't have to be an otter or even an otter-at-heart. For that matter ya don't have to use it for just aquatic workouts. Splashing around in a pool, lake, ocean, river, etc. I can't think of any better #ottertime than that¦3 So feel free to use it n' maybe it'll be the next trending thing on Twitter. If it never does, that's fine. Just something I'd through out there. Especially with the summer well upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere:3


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