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Could things have been different?
I just don't know what to think anymore. Should I never have met the folks I've met? All that's resulted is hardships n' hurts. Also so many problems I can't help with yet I feel the pain of them so strong. I know I shouldn't be feeling this way or thinking like this. It's not my fault all the bad is happening. It just seems as though I'm poisonous to all the good folks I meet. Good, strong friendships dashed against the wall n' shattered to nothing. Like they never existed to begin with. Now a similar thing with a friend's marriage. How long before it's smashed to smitherines, I don't know. I feel like I should just leave these folks lives for good. Get away before more fall to the curse that is me. I tried so hard to turn from my reclusive ways n' make more friends n' care more for folks other than just myself. I know I'm being way too depressed over stuff I can't control. I'm just so stressed out with all that's happening around me n' I just....just wanna hide away from the world n' spare anyone else more pain.

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Dude, we haven't had any hardships between us. What gives?

Just because you're friends with all these people doesn't mean the stuff going on with them is your fault. So why stop being friends?

These were just things on my mind I've been feeling that I wanted to get out. Feel so helpless with all that's going on with friends n' family that....I just need a release. I'll be fine. I'll get through this valley. Just need to keep climbing.

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