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Path in life maybe starting to finally show itself.
At least it seems so in regards to my career choice. You know, I love my twin bro Sam but, I always hated how he knew what he wanted to be since age 8. Drove me nuts as I could never seem to settle on one path. Always aimlessly wandering from one to another. Well if all goes well with my application to UAB, this could be it. I could be on a path to do what I've felt lead to do for some time now. That is researching cancer. Specifically, maybe a bit more of the genetics behind this horrible disease. Genetics has always been a major side interest of mine in the sciences n' I feel this cancer biology program with fair emphasis on genetics is right up my alley.

Though cancer research is the true aim of this here yotefox. I wouldn't be disappointed at all if I helped to shed light on other issues that genetics might be able to help. One field of interest would be the further study of addictions. I don't simply refer to the more coming ones of drugs n' alcohol. Gambling, sex, heck almost anything could be considered an addiction if it starts becoming such a major focus of our lives. (Shoot some may say I've become hopelessly addicted to Twitter! They may be right hehehe:P) Seriously though, addictions of any kind are such a source of grief for folks n' their friends n' family. Be nice to work towards better ways of dealing with em. Yes, I do speak from my own personal experiences. Experiences I'm not proud of at all n' I'm glad I'm starting to get a handle on em. I'm no where near cured but, I'm in control.

Anyways that's some after-supper ramblings from this geeky yotefox. Here's hoping that all who read this find their true callings soon. Oh n' I know I haven't been good at my fitness updates of late but they are going good. Finally below 170 albeit just a hair though. I can still reach my goal of 160 or less before summer fingers n' toes crossed. Take care y'all:3


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